Mowing Master

Every now and then, you need a good way to turn your brain off for a few minutes. Whether it be at work, school, or just during a monotonous day. For these times, all of us have favorite things to do, but it can be difficult to keep things fresh! “Mowing Master!” Is a simple game that you can pick up in seconds, play for a few minutes, and get right back to work. It’s lots of fun, but won’t get you devilishly addicted.

The game revolves around a simple concept; mow, blow, and trim this virtual lawn earning points for various tasks along the way and losing them for cutting into the various obstacles strewn around the lawn or by cutting down beautiful flowers. Now, this may seem like a boring or even looming premise – it’s essentially mimicking a chore. However, it turns out to be a lot of fun once you give it a chance. Especially for those who like organization or other real-life management games, “Mowing Master!” can be a great quick fix.

The game takes only a few seconds to master and includes quite a few levels that increase in difficulty. The game would be easy if you weren’t racing the clock and gaining points for every second that you complete a task faster. This makes you really want to go for it. I suggest using the large mower first, then switching to the trimmer to get closer to all the flower beds (watch out! If you cut down a flower you will lose points). Then, make sure you clean up! Take the blower and scatter the trimmings off of the screen. Note, there are some levels with leaves where you get no points for blowing them into your neighbors yard, instead, you must blow them into a semi-circle marked at the bottom of the screen.

All in all, this game is an epic way to waste a few minutes. To relax a little during a boring day, or to come back to with fond memories of when you used to mow lawns for 25 cents as a teenager.

mowing master

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